Date: 18th February, 2022.

Speaker: CA Harit Dhriwal, Chairman , Ahmedabad Branch , ICAI

Highlights: CA Harit Dhariwal started his session with a short story about a boy who took a gunshot first and then drew circle to make it a bull’s eye shot. He said in real life we don’t have this liberty; we are given circles and limits where we need to give our best shot. He shared Four “C” to succeed in the corporate world- Communication, Commitment, Compassion & Confidence. As per his opinion students have to gain certain basic skills before entering into this job segment. They need to learn Different software, MS office during their graduation and post-graduation level so future journey can be smooth for them. He conveyed that people believe Corporate Sector means challenges, deadlines, pressure and politics, but it is not always true. With clear vision and choice of your work profile, we can grow faster in corporate sector. As per his guidance we need to be street smart, only domain knowledge and reading won’t help. Today’s student is expected to know a lot more about other aspects of management and other areas of business. Mr. Dhariwal also shared his valuable insights with the students on the need of constantly upgrading one’s skills to ensure that one always has the competitive edge. With this, he also talked about the importance of teamwork, building connections and forming bonds with people around you. He termed this to be vital to growth because after all, all corporates are run by humans and all performance indexes are just a way to see how you worked on your own as well as with others. He rightly mentioned that Nothing is Impossible, It’s only the conviction you need to develop that You can do it. He said Opportunities don’t happen, You have to Create them.