Date: 23rd November,2021

Speakers: Ms. Sapana Kalal, Mr. Himanshu Khatri, Ms. Sonia Shah

Highlights: Ms. Sapana Kalal, Assistant Manager in Metropolitan Exchange Limited explained the basic essentials to understand Indian stock market. She explained the importance of Investor Grievance Redressal Process in detail and how to file complaint as an investor. She suggested a few steps to keep in mind while investing as a beginner as well as the role of depository and exchanges.

Mr. Himanshu Khatri Deputy Manager Central Depository Services Ltd. explained the trend in bullish and bearish market and said not to panic during stock market crash. Further he explained the need for savings, value of money over time, role of CDSL and Role of Exchanges for smooth running of stock market. He also explained the type of capital market and also discussed about IPO trend of last two years. He guided students about accounts necessary to trade in securities market like saving account, demat account and trading account.

In question answer session different question were answered by Ms. Sonia Shah Assistant General Manager, SEBI Ms. Sapana Kalal and Mr. Himanshu Khatri like what is right time for beginners to invest, reviewing the IPOs like Paytm and Nykaa and how to save ourselves from fraud operations. They also guided about gold market and stock market connection.