Date: 10th February, 2022

Speaker: Mr. Nishant Bali, Renowned CMT (Chartered Market Technician) from NSE

Mr. Nishant Bali explained the trends in bullish and bearish market and said not to panic during stock market crash. Further he emphasized on the need for savings, value of money over time and reasons why financial market will be next big wave as since last two years investors are positive to invest in new launches and IPOs.  He guided students about opening an account for investing in share market. He further talked about transactions related to GIFT city, the financial capital of India. He also mentioned about the right time of buying and selling of securities. He also explained about role of exchanges in buying and selling of securities for smooth running functions. He said that whenever you observe any panic time in stock market, as an intelligent investor you should invest. He also provided guidance about Gold ETF and EV ETF.