Date: 11th February,2022.

 Speaker: CS Karan Gupta, a renowned academician

Highlights: CS Karan Gupta started his session saying that in today’s industrial revolutionary world Corporate Social Responsibility holds a very special place in society and it becomes our responsibility to fulfill our duties towards environment. In the present scenario three bottom lines are of utmost importance and the 3P’s comprise of Profit, People and Planet. The companies do not take into consideration the only motive of profit but also, they have to take care of the employees and the environment as well. He said that Great things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a TEAM of people. He further added that the advancement of business is not reliant on one person but it is a teamwork of the entire team. Big Companies TATA, Infosys, ITC, L&T etc. have contributed a great deal to educational services infrastructure and environment by its CSR activities. A good business is a business which amalgamates Passion, Profit and Purpose. He added that without the sense of caring there cannot be sense of community. He emphasized on lots of different aspects of CSR and made the students aware about the nuances of CSR in the era of cut-throat competition, globalization and digitalization. This session was coordinated by Dr. Bhavin Bhatt.